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Announcing Our New AWS Competency, Generative AI

We have achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Competency. This specialization recognizes ScaleCapacity as an AWS Partner that helps customers and the AWS Partner Network (APN) drive the advancement of services, tools, and infrastructure pivotal for implementing generative AI technologies. Learn more about ScaleCapacity's Generative AI solutions with the buttons below.

Data Analytics

Data analytics plays a critical role by providing organizations with the tools and services needed to process, store, and analyze vast amounts of data, helping to drive better business outcomes.


ScaleCapacity can help you with the process of examining, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision making. We use a range of techniques and methods, including statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization, to extract insights and knowledge from data.


Our ML experts can help you derive value from your data by exploring and preparing the data, developing machine learning models, evaluating, and optimizing the models, deploying, and integrating the models, and providing ongoing support and maintenance. Our team will help you transform your data into actionable insights using machine learning services on the Cloud.

Data Integration and Management

Assisting clients in gathering, consolidating, and integrating data from various sources into a centralized data repository. This involves data cleansing, transformation, and ensuring data quality.


Data Visualization and Reporting

Developing interactive dashboards and visualizations to present data in a clear and meaningful way. Creating reports that provide actionable insights to stakeholders and decision-makers.


Data Governance and Security

Assisting clients in establishing data governance frameworks, ensuring compliance with regulations, and implementing robust data security measures to protect sensitive information.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Building AI systems that can understand, interpret, and generate human language. Services may include sentiment analysis, text classification, named entity recognition, language translation, chatbots, voice assistants, and text-to-speech synthesis.


Knowledge search & QA Bot

Our solution combines Gen AI with a sophisticated Q&A Bot to simplify information retrieval and provide human-like responses. Discover the ease of organizing and accessing knowledge from your artifacts through an intuitive interface.


AI Integration and Deployment

Integrating AI models and systems into existing infrastructure and workflows. Deploying AI solutions in cloud environments, on-premises, or at the edge. Ensuring seamless integration, scalability, and reliability.

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