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Transcription Application by ScaleCapacity​

Quick Transcriptions

Quick turnaround time of audio and video file transcriptions (3 minutes on average compared to 3 days in a traditional process)​

Highlight Key Words

Choose key words that will be highlighted in the transcription for you.

AWS Serverless Tools

Automated with AWS serverless tools.​

Secure Data

Data never leaves the customer environment and stays within their realm of AWS.

Sync Text & Audio/Video

Ability to synchronize transcribed text with audio/video as it is being played using timestamps and vice versa

Multi Language Support

Multiple languages supported by AWS service out of the box.​

Constant Updates

Services from AWS are regularly updated/enhanced at almost no cost to customers.

Custom Enhancements

Custom enhancements can be made based on customer needs..


Translation can be incorporated into the application (upcoming feature using AWS Translation service)​

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