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City of Los Angeles Streamlines
File Transfer Process and Cuts
Costs with ScaleCapacity and AWS

ScaleCapacity, an AWS Partner, collaborated with the City of Los Angeles
Information Technology Agency (ITA) to create a new serverless secure
file transfer protocol (SFTP) solution that runs on AWS Transfer Family.

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With ScaleCapacity, City of Los Angeles Cuts Document Management Costs by 80% on AWS

ScaleCapacity, worked alongside the City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency (ITA) to move a critical document management system to an AWS serverless solution. As a result, the ITA reduced its document management costs, lowered data replication time, and scales on demand.

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Case Study

Migrate JD Edwards EnterpriseOne seamlessly to the AWS Cloud using AWS Application Migration Service

ScaleCapacity recently helped one of the largest multinational commercial real estate companies migrate their data center to the AWS Cloud. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a critical financial system that enables resource planning and supply chain management solutions for enterprises in the finance, consumer goods, human resources, distribution, and manufacturing sectors. In moving to the cloud, JD Edwards required an approach that ensured seamless migration of their business-critical workloads with continuity, integrity, and minimal downtime.

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Case Study

Nebraska Judicial Branch modernizes its Electronic Exhibits System using AWS

The Nebraska Judicial Branch is a vital component of the state’s government for interpreting and applying the law to resolve disputes and uphold justice. The Nebraska Judicial Branch operates under the administrative direction of the state’s Supreme Court, which consists of a Chief Justice and six associate justices. This blog post highlights the Nebraska Judicial Branch’s journey to building an electronic exhibits system on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with ScaleCapacity.


Case Study

How ScaleCapacity Helped Luminary Travel Simplify Data Management

Luminary, a luxury travel agency, needed a way to integrate its data across two platforms—AXUS and Salesforce—for the sake of improved efficiency, friction-free customer experiences, and informed decision-making.

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Addressing 4 Common Pitfalls When Moving Your Call Center to AWS

As we settle into the new post-pandemic “normal,” a cloud-based contact center has become a strategic decision rather than a reactive measure. Today, organizations are no longer merely looking to increase efficiency or reduce costs. They’re also seeking customer experience (CX) solutions that leverage the cloud’s agility, flexibility, and computing power to do more—and to be positioned for what comes next.

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Case Study

Resilient Sierra, impact on California Wildfires

ScaleCapacity, the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub powered by AWS (DxHub), and organizations from across the state have designed and developed ‘Resilient Sierra,’ a new citizen-focused biomass removal and reuse service that reduces the threat of wildfires and supports a healthier forest while creating a sustainable new source for California wood products.

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Case Study

OTR Solutions

ScaleCapacity helped OTR Solutions, a freight factoring solutions company, modernize and streamline their trucking fee by migrating their existing call center to the AWS. Using Amazon Connect to host the center allowed OTR to reverse the sales process, reducing hundreds of cold calls per day and freeing agents to focus on higher value tasks.

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