Application Transformation

ScaleCapacity can help you create application taking advantage of AWS Lambda reduce the server requirements. We can help you migrate your monolithic application to cloud and break down the application using Serverless approach. We can help you take advantage of AWS service like AWS S3, AWS CloudFormation, AWS API Gateway, AWS DynamoDB etc. using AWS Lambda.

ScaleCapacity can help you

  • Build new application following Serverless Approach.
  • Integrate various AWS services to take advantage and reduce cost of ownership.
  • Increase High availability and scalability of your application.
  • Migrate monolithic application using AWS Lambda.
  • Automate various jobs for AWS services like AWS Pinpoint, SES, SMS, Media services etc.
  • Create detail monitoring systems.

AWS Managed Kafka – Opla Energy

Headquartered in Calgary with operations centers in Nisku, Alberta and Odessa, Texas, Opla Energy is servicefocused and caters to clients’ needs with modern, automated intelligent Managed Pressure Drilling Technology to optimize efficiencies and reduce drilling costs.

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